What to Expect after Your Breast Augmentation

Once our San Antonio, TX, patients have undergone breast augmentation surgery, they will begin a period of healing and recovery. All patients are given detailed postoperative instructions that should be closely followed. By resting as instructed and adhering to the recovery guidelines, patients can avoid complications related to their breast augmentation recovery. Proper recovery is critical to making sure our patients are able to fully enjoy the cosmetic benefits of breast augmentation surgery. One way patients can reduce their risk for post-surgical complications is to work with an experienced and esteemed plastic surgeon like Dr. Bernard Kopchinski, who has more than 20 years of experience in his field.

What Should I Expect during My Breast Augmentation Recovery?

Immediately following your procedure with Prestige Cosmetic Surgery, you will be brought to a recovery area for observation. Your breasts will be wrapped in gauze dressing and a support bra or elastic bandage to ensure that your breasts heal properly and with minimal swelling. Once our medical team determines that you are stable, you will be released to return home. Dr. Kopchinski recommends that patients fully rest for one to two days following surgery.

Proper recovery is critical to making sure our patients are able to fully enjoy the cosmetic benefits of breast augmentation surgery.

You will be given detailed recovery guidelines, which may include instructions on pain medications and antibiotics. Dr. Kopchinski provides his after-hours cell phone number for patients to reach him 24/7, even on weekends. Patients should wear the supportive garment or elastic band as directed. This ensures that your implants settle in a cosmetically pleasing manner.

Discomfort typically subsides after one to five days, although soreness and swelling may persist for a few weeks. It is possible to experience bleeding around the breast implant for the first several days. Patients should refrain from work, physical activity, and exercise until Dr. Kopchinski says that these activities are safe and appropriate to resume.

Post-surgery supportive garment.

When Can I Enjoy the Full Results of Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Kopchinski will do his best to provide a reliable recovery timeline, but individual recovery times after breast augmentation vary from patient to patient. Breast augmentation surgery yields larger breasts immediately after surgery, but it may take weeks or even months for patients to see the full benefits of the procedure. In the weeks following surgery at our San Antonio, TX, plastic surgery office, the swelling of your breast tissue will subside and your skin will slightly stretch to accommodate the new implants.

Dr. Kopchinski will skillfully place the incisions so they are hidden in the natural folds of your breasts. These fine lines may take several months to fade. You may need to wear a special supportive device known as a bandeau to help maintain the desired breast shape. To help ensure that you enjoy the benefits of breast augmentation for years to come, patients should be willing to maintain a healthy weight and make healthy lifestyle choices.

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By following our recovery guidelines carefully and resting as directed, you can ensure that you enjoy all the cosmetic benefits of this life-changing cosmetic surgery. At Prestige Cosmetic Surgery, we accept CareCredit®, Prosper® Healthcare Lending, and Alphaeon® Credit financing options to help patients afford treatment. To schedule your appointment with Bernard Kopchinski MD, FACS or learn more about our services, call (210) 255-1764 or send us a message.

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