Slim Down Your Arms with a Brachioplasty 

Even with a rigorous diet and exercise, fat deposits in your arms are one of the most difficult areas to target. If you also have excess skin left over after weight loss, it can be nearly impossible to achieve the trim figure you want without surgery.

As a board-certified surgeon, Bernard Kopchinski MD, FACS performs brachioplasty to remove excess skin and fat from the arms, sculpt the tissue, and improve your self-confidence. To help you decide if the procedure is right for you, we offer complimentary consultations at Prestige Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio, TX.

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A brachioplasty or arm lift eliminates the discomfort and self-consciousness that many patients feel wearing sleeveless tops. 

The Benefits of Surgery

While many patients have tried to remove stubborn fat and excess skin with non-surgical treatments such as skin tightening, the best way to achieve a relatively quick and effective physical transformation with only one treatment is an arm lift. The procedure can help you achieve:

  • Improved arm tone
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Enhanced quality of life

Because of the physical and emotional benefits that an arm lift can provide, it is a popular cosmetic procedure. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 21,000 upper arm lift procedures were performed nationwide in 2022 alone. Many of our own patients have achieved life-changing results with this surgery: one of our patients saw her arms reduced by three inches bilaterally only three months after her procedure.

Who Qualifies?

In general, you are a good candidate for an arm lift if you:

  • Have loose or sagging skin in your upper arms
  • Have stubborn fat deposits in your upper arms
  • Feel self-conscious about the appearance of your arms
  • Have recently undergone bariatric surgery and were left with excess skin
  • Suffer from limited mobility due to excess upper arm tissue

We typically only recommend this procedure if you have tried diet and exercise but have not been satisfied with the results.

The Treatment Process

We partner with CHRISTUS® Santa Rosa Hospital, an advanced, accredited surgical center located close to our San Antonio, TX, plastic surgery office, to provide you with the best care during your surgery.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 18,000 upper arm lift procedures were performed nationwide in 2017 alone.

On the day of your surgery, Dr. Kopchinski will place you under general anesthesia so that you can remain comfortable and unconscious throughout your procedure.

Once you are fully prepared, Dr. Kopchinski will create an incision that runs along the underside of your arm from your elbow to your underarm. He will then remove fat deposits using liposuction, tighten the skin and underlying muscle tissue, and trim away excess skin. The remaining tissue will be contoured into a more toned, defined surface. Then, the incision will be sutured back together carefully to leave a minimum amount of scarring.

Expected Recovery

Most patients are able to go home a few hours after surgery. However, you will need to take approximately two weeks off from work to recover. You should also refrain from exercise and other strenuous activities until cleared by Dr. Kopchinski.

Throughout your recovery, you can access Dr. Kopchinski on his cell phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He is even available on weekends to answer your pressing questions.

Discuss Your Goals with Dr. Kopchinski

Dr. Kopchinski offers free consultations for patients and can help you decide if an arm lift is the right procedure to meet your needs. Our philosophy: "Right patient, right time, right operation," shows in everything we do and we will never recommend the procedure unless we believe it is the best way to achieve your goals. We also offer flexible financing options including:

  • CareCredit®
  • Prosper® Healthcare Lending
  • Alphaeon® Credit

Schedule your complimentary consultation today by calling us at (210) 255-1764 or requesting an appointment online.

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Prestige Cosmetic Surgery

At Prestige Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio, TX, board-certified plastic surgeon Bernard Kopchinski helps patients enhance their appearance through a variety of cosmetic procedures. Dr. Kopchinski is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The Texas Medical Association
  • The Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons

Initial consultations with Dr. Kopchinski are free of charge. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or call (210) 255-1764.

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