Breast Augmentation Options


Breast augmentation patients at our San Antonio, TX, practice have the choice of saline or silicone breast implants. Saline implants can be adjusted to your desired size, while silicone implants tend to look more natural, but are not adjustable. Our board-certified surgeon is ready to discuss which type can meet your unique needs during a one-on-one consultation.

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[00:00:07.800] A good candidate for breast augmentation [00:00:09.657] is any young lady that would like to have larger breasts [00:00:15.072] than what they currently have. [00:00:17.029] A patient has a choice between two types of implants: [00:00:21.343] saline or silicone. [00:00:22.800] Saline are more or less water-filled balloons. [00:00:25.629] They allow us the ability to adjust the size of the implant [00:00:29.672] based on the patient's desires. [00:00:31.657] The other option is silicone. [00:00:34.314] Silicone is a more natural-looking, and more natural-feeling implant, [00:00:38.371] but does not allow any type of adjustment other than the prefilled sizes. [00:00:43.500] I always think that no matter who the doctor is, [00:00:46.100] you should choose the one you like [00:00:48.700] because complications happen to everybody. [00:00:52.971] You want to know that the doctor that you choose [00:00:55.300] is going to be there to help you [00:00:57.071] should you have the unfortunate experience of having a complication post-surgery. [00:01:04.129] Breast augmentation takes about 30 minutes. [00:01:07.043] Recovery of breast augmentation depends upon the patient. [00:01:09.971] Since all our implants are placed under the muscle, [00:01:13.400] there is a two or three day of increased pain [00:01:16.743] due to the stretching of the muscle that occurs [00:01:19.371] with the placement of the implant. [00:01:21.314] There will be about a week of soreness, [00:01:24.343] but this is all dependent on the patient [00:01:26.500] and how quickly they get up and are moving about.

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