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Liposuction stands out amongst plastic surgery procedures in that it can be used to address unwanted fat in virtually any area of the body, from the chin to the calves. Our board-certified plastic surgeon in San Antonio recommends this procedure for patients who struggle to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat with diet and exercise alone. We use safe techniques and use a conservative surgical approach to create the most flattering yet natural-looking results.

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[00:00:08.043] Liposuction is a great procedure to change the contour of a body part. [00:00:15.171] There's several areas that liposuction can be done to. [00:00:19.114] Liposuction, this area became very popular during COVID [00:00:23.229] due to everybody looking at themselves on Zoom meetings. [00:00:26.000] You can liposuction the arms, the chest, the back brow rolls for women, [00:00:31.844] the abdomen, the waist, hips, inner and outer thighs, knees. [00:00:36.686] The areas of liposuction [00:00:39.071] really are only confined by your imagination. [00:00:42.671] Any patient that has excess adiposity in the area that they do not wish to have [00:00:49.171] is a candidate for liposuction. [00:00:51.015] You want to make sure that the patient is a safe candidate for surgery [00:00:54.322] no matter what you do. [00:00:55.361] But as far as liposuction goes, [00:00:57.643] those patients that have localized adiposity [00:00:59.640] are the ones that do the best with liposuction. [00:01:01.786] The patient should always ask if the doctor is certified [00:01:06.014] by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. [00:01:09.986] Liposuction is great in the person that would like to change [00:01:13.815] the contour of their body. [00:01:16.871] Effective in both men and women. [00:01:19.857] The abdomen waist [00:01:21.643] seems to be the most common areas that are performed. [00:01:24.286] Liposuction can have tremendous results.

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