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Breast reduction surgery can improve the symmetry and aesthetics of your breasts and also relieve pain by removing the weight you carry on your chest each day. If your breast reduction is considered medically necessary, it should be covered at least partially by insurance. Our San Antonio, TX, plastic surgery practice accepts many types of insurance, and we'll work with your provider to maximize your benefits.

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[00:00:08.157] Breast reduction surgery. [00:00:09.700] We're talking about is mainly for two different reasons. [00:00:12.643] One is your breasts a little bit larger [00:00:14.459] and you just like to make them a little smaller [00:00:16.400] and improve the shape in the nipple position. [00:00:19.360] If the insurance covers it, [00:00:21.326] then you're looking at a significant breast reduction, [00:00:24.714] in which case a certain amount of weight has to be obtained from each breast [00:00:28.829] to ensure that the insurance company will pay for it. [00:00:33.000] The two procedures that are used for breast reduction, [00:00:36.036] are the same two procedures that are used for breast lift. [00:00:38.840] You have the Wise pattern, which is the old school, tried and true, [00:00:42.114] and then you have the newer vertical breast lift or breast reduction. [00:00:46.200] The only difference between the two, is the amount of breast tissue you remove. [00:00:50.525] The best clients for a true breast reduction, [00:00:54.300] are those patients that are having the back and neck pain, [00:00:58.101] that are having difficulty doing things on a daily basis. [00:01:01.442] They don't like going to the gym, they don't like walking, [00:01:05.720] they have shoulder grooving from their bra straps. [00:01:09.000] They've tried the physical therapy and none of this seems to work. [00:01:15.000] The length of time to perform a breast reduction procedure [00:01:18.715] depends on the amount of breast tissue being removed, [00:01:21.871] and which type of reductive surgery you're doing. [00:01:25.000] The recovery for breast reduction procedures is very quick. [00:01:29.586] Usually, it takes about a week for the patients to get over this.

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