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Are you struggling to reclaim your figure after having a baby? A mommy makeover may be just what you need to feel confident in your skin once again. At Prestige Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Bernard Kopchinski can combine procedures like liposuction, breast augmentation, and a tummy tuck into a treatment plan customized just for you.

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[00:00:07.440] The Mommie Makeover consists of procedures that address the breast and the abdomen. [00:00:12.760] Standard Mommie Makeover may be tummy tuck and breast augmentation, [00:00:17.986] or tummy tuck and breast lift, or maybe all three. [00:00:22.200] It's called the Mommie Makeover [00:00:23.500] because it's usually done after a young lady is done having children [00:00:28.320] and she would like to correct the changes that have occurred since childbirth. [00:00:34.440] The best candidate for a Mommie Makeover, of course, is [00:00:36.929] someone that's done having children. [00:00:38.846] That they're around 30 pounds from the weight that they want to be, [00:00:42.343] and that they have the support network [00:00:45.040] necessary to help them post-operatively after tummy tuck. [00:00:49.360] The patient to be a good candidate for tummy tuck, like we said before, [00:00:52.629] has to have excess skin of the abdominal area, [00:00:55.914] and with or without the diastasis or the splitting of the abdominal muscle. [00:01:01.800] Does the patient want breast augmentation to make them larger? [00:01:04.670] Does she desire a lift to raise the nipples [00:01:08.129] and give them a better shape of the breasts they already have? [00:01:10.440] Do they want a reduction? [00:01:12.471] Do they want an augmentation and improved nipple position? [00:01:16.120] There's quite a bit of trying to figure out what exactly the patient desires. [00:01:21.640] The recovery time is mainly from the tummy tuck. [00:01:26.120] It'll take you about two weeks before you feel human again, [00:01:29.571] and it'll take you about a month to feel like you did before surgery.

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At Prestige Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio, TX, board-certified plastic surgeon Bernard Kopchinski helps patients enhance their appearance through a variety of cosmetic procedures. Dr. Kopchinski is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

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